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Dr.(pharm) Ben Amodu, N.D

Pharmacist Ben Amodu is a researcher in herbal products and an expert in pytho-medicinal research. Dr. Ben Amodu is a highly respected and accomplished Herbal Doctor and Wellness Expert with a distinguished career spanning over two decades. Hailing from Nigeria, Dr. Ben has been a prominent figure in the field of herbal medicine, gaining recognition for his exceptional skills and expertise in providing natural healthcare solutions. For several years, Dr. Ben Amodu served as the esteemed Herbal Doctor at the Nigerian Presidential Villa, attending to the health and wellness needs of key government officials and their families. His tenure at the Presidential Villa earned him the trust and admiration of both national and international dignitaries, solidifying his reputation as a reputable and reliable healthcare practitioner. Dr. Ben Amodu is the visionary founder and CEO of Alternative African Medicine Nigeria, a renowned herbal medicine company that has revolutionized traditional healthcare in the country. Under his leadership, Alternate Africa Medicine Nigeria has grown to become a leading manufacturer and distributor of herbal products, offering a diverse range of natural remedies for various ailments.

Dr. Amodu’s relentless dedication to the field of herbal medicine has led to groundbreaking advancements in traditional healing practices. His extensive research and development efforts have resulted in the creation of numerous highly effective and scientifically validated herbal formulations. These products have been widely acclaimed for their potency and have positively impacted the lives of countless individuals seeking alternative and holistic healthcare solutions.

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A prominent thought leader in herbal medicine, Dr. Ben Amodu is a prolific author and has published several scholarly articles on the subject. He is a sought-after speaker at national and international conferences, sharing his profound knowledge and experience in herbal medicine with fellow practitioners, healthcare professionals, and enthusiasts.  Beyond his professional accomplishments, Dr. Amodu is known for his philanthropic endeavors and commitment to giving back to the community. He actively participates in health outreach programs, providing free healthcare services and herbal medicines to underserved populations in rural areas.

Dr. Ben Amodu holds a Doctorate in Herbal Medicine from a prestigious institution, combining both traditional knowledge passed down through generations and cutting-edge scientific research in his practice.

Credentials and Certifications:

– Doctor of Herbal Medicine (N.D.)

– Certification in Herbal Product Development and Manufacturing

Dr. Ben Amodu’s expertise, coupled with his experience working in the Presidential Villa, has earned him the admiration and trust of numerous patients and clients. His dedication to promoting herbal medicine as a viable and effective healthcare option has not only impacted the lives of individuals but has also contributed to the advancement of the entire field of traditional medicine in Nigeria and beyond.

Meet Dr Ben Amodu

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I used to have sickle cell disease. To the glory of God, she began as SS before changing to AS and then becoming AA. Since roughly November 7th of this year, she hasn’t experienced an attack. Not surprised, as they can clearly sense the mystique around the herbal treatments we offered her. This evening, the doctor sent me the test results. Date of outcome is 31 August 2020 .
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